Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Broken heart of a bride to be.

The bride walks down the isle, to music so Beautiful.
As she walks...those watching fall in love.
There has never been a Bride so beautiful!

Hair falling perfectly to he shoulders.. Her voice, as she sings, joyfully bounces over all obstacles becoming the focus of my attention.. Her eyes seem to look at the world as though she's not from it, but that it belongs to her.. and her smile is seemingly heavenly.. her laugh makes me want to be hers.. and as she walks, it is as though she is dancing in the stars.

I'm not nervous.. In fact I have been waiting eternally for this moment. But as she gets half way down the Isle, her dress rips on her shoes. Her Vail falls off and she becomes embarrassed. Eyes from every direction stare at what is to come.. Water begins to well up in her eyes as she stares deep into mine.. I see her heart as it breaks, She turns to run towards the exit..I rush towards her and as she trips over her torn dress, she falls to the ground.. I stand before her.. she looks directly at me, full tears fall from her face. I look, deeply through the windows to her soul, her eyes to the heart once more. She thinks she failed? unworthy? Ugly? Broken
I pick up her Vail and place it on her head. I grab her hand, it's soft. "I LOVE YOU"

The bride of Christ has fallen over.. The unsaved could see it.. We could see it..
Each part of her body (denominations, orders)think they are the true and righteous.. Churches judge each other and focus on the bad things.. but did you know that that Christ already thought you were beautiful, from the beginning of time he has Loved you church!

The bible states that "a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand" Mark 3:24

God has recently brought to my attention his sadness towards kidnapped royalty. Those once alive and free, being captivated by their sin and shame..those living under a law, who are to ashamed to tell anyone about the darkness in their lives.. Those once in Love falling away. "If only you would turn to me, that I may heal your heart and make you clean"

I believe something in the air is changing.. the four winds are beginning to stir..
the bride is being healed from the inside. As People are running into Love, into Jesus, they are beginning to see themselves as he does, they are beginning to love "the way they look." Their beautiful arms, their gorgeous legs, their sweet-smelling hair. The different Offices and denominations are beginning to love how each other moves and lives and dances and worships. As Jesus touches the Bride of Christ and shows them his Love.. the bride begins to look at herself in LOVE. Jesus Places her crown back on her head. picks her up and says "You are BEAUTIFUL"

I believe in this time and age.. that Jesus has just touched the hand.. he is beginning to pour out his Love upon his bride.. he is picking her up and getting her ready for his return.. You will soon begin to see a uniting of peoples and denominations all around the world.. Cities will have gatherings, Church will be less about the building or a place, but God's People will become the Church he created her to be.
Her crown of authority over the things in this world and over the powers and principalities is being placed on her head and she is being raised back to her rightful place.. SHE STANDS!

When this all begins to happen, a spread of Fire and Love will consume whole cities and even the Nations. The bride Is being made whole!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a crazy world of open doors

I am beginning to see that In life there are always open doors..

I always thought that in life there was room to become claustrophobic or time to be complacent, Sitting on the couch, enjoying the view of walls.. But now I'm beginning to see that no matter where you are at in life.. there is always an open door.

There is always something that you can do, somewhere you can go, someone you can befriend..

sometimes there are too many doors to choose from.. and it's all good to sit and think.. where do I go from here? take some time out.. because over the span of a life time.. how much is one week? one month? one year?

Sometimes a door that looks amazing, could be the worst decision you will ever make.. and sometimes the most humbling door will amount to the greatest Love of all!

just remember..for what reason are you choosing to enter a door? WHO does it benefit? And in the end when life is almost over.. will you look back and say.. "YES! I LOVED MY LIFE!"

Each door is a new adventure.. enjoy it :)