Thursday, March 4, 2010

a crazy world of open doors

I am beginning to see that In life there are always open doors..

I always thought that in life there was room to become claustrophobic or time to be complacent, Sitting on the couch, enjoying the view of walls.. But now I'm beginning to see that no matter where you are at in life.. there is always an open door.

There is always something that you can do, somewhere you can go, someone you can befriend..

sometimes there are too many doors to choose from.. and it's all good to sit and think.. where do I go from here? take some time out.. because over the span of a life time.. how much is one week? one month? one year?

Sometimes a door that looks amazing, could be the worst decision you will ever make.. and sometimes the most humbling door will amount to the greatest Love of all!

just remember..for what reason are you choosing to enter a door? WHO does it benefit? And in the end when life is almost over.. will you look back and say.. "YES! I LOVED MY LIFE!"

Each door is a new adventure.. enjoy it :)

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